Book of Revelation Explained

What are the 7 Seals of Revelation?

Matthew 24 explains the 7 seals

This 1st video above is a summary that maps out the majority of Revelation. Christ’s famous prophecy found in Matthew 24 parallels Chapter 6 of Revelation. These two chapters provide a wide view lens of the last days of this age. Revelation Explained is a series of articles, videos and books that follow the progression of Bible prophecies from the Old Testament to the New. You will be able to understand God’s plan that He established long ago, and watch it unfold until final fulfillment. The Book of  Revelation Explained will guide you through the last prophecies of Jesus Christ.

– You will learn about the seals, trumpets and bowl judgments, along with many important characters such as the Beast, the False Prophet and the Prostitute. You will be able to recognize these symbols through their concealment.

– You will learn how the Book of Revelation correlates to all remaining prophecies from the Old Testament and the New Testament that are yet to be fulfilled.

– You will learn how to prepare for the greatest test in human history – The Great Tribulation Period.

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Who Are the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

Humanity’s Relationship to the Spirit Realm of Fallen Angels

To understand the beast and other characters of Revelation, we need to revisit Genesis 6 to see how fallen angels will affect the end times. There are 3 dominant views regarding this famous Genesis 6 passage about the Sons of God. Most Bible interpreters and commentators state that the godly children of Seth are the Sons of God marrying outside the faith, or that fallen angels mated with human women to produce giant offspring. We will expound our focus with a 3rd viewpoint while coordinating related biblical passages and mythology.

What is Mystery Babylon the Great?

The rise and continuation of the city-state system

Mystery Babylon the Great is one of the most important elements of the book of Revelation. It closes the loop between the devil, working through his beast system with the anti-christ, and the nations of the earth. There have been many iterations of the evil spiritual kingdom that have interacted closely with human rulers. This relationship will amplify towards the end of this age as shown through symbology in the book of Revelation. Here, Babylon is described figuratively to mean all evil earthly kingdoms.

What is the Beast of Revelation?

Who, or what, is the beast of Revelation? We cannot know the Mark of the Beast or any other details until we trace the history of kingdoms, both spiritual and earthly. The symbols of Revelation 13 and Revelation 17 give us enough information to compare with other passages like those from Daniel so we can find the true meaning of the beast.

Who is the Antichrist?

Identifying Daniel’s little horn in Revelation


We will now identify Daniel’s and Revelation’s “little horn” as the person of the anti-christ in this latest video of the Revelation Explained series. The anti-christ comes out of the beast that we learned about in the previous video – “What is the Beast of Revelation?” This beast is the satanic kingdom at the end of our age. It is a spiritual kingdom not of this earth, whereas the anti-christ is a man that will help expand the devil’s reign of evil in the last days.

The Mark of the Beast – Is it a Physical or a Spiritual Mark?

The Mark of the Beast that is mentioned in Revelation 13 looms large like a cloud over our discussion of the end times. It’s spurred theories, taken shape as an object to fear, and even acquired traction as something to reference within popular culture. Of course, many have assumed that the Mark, with its Name and Number, is associated with the person of the antichrist.

We will consider none of those theories as we will focus on the concept about people being caught up in deception. We will explore how the Mark is related to the Image of the Beast.

Revelation Timeline

The timeline of events in Revelation shows the sequence of key symbols like the seals, trumpets and bowls. Play the YouTube video above to find out the chronological order of Revelation. You will also see how the Great Tribulation relates to the Day of the Lord period.

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