Post-Trib Rapture Videos

Check out these Post-Trib Rapture videos from numerous scholars and pastors like Dr. Michael Brown, R.C. Sproul and Alistair Begg.

The Pure Flix Insider has hosted a variety of end-times scholars to talk about different interpretations and theories of what may happen during evil’s last days. Our goal has been to provide resources and inspire conversations about what the Bible says about the end times so you can make your own decision on which theory is more likely to occur. See the final end times interview with Dr. Michael Brown, author and founder of FIRE School of Ministry to talk about the post-tribulation theory, the rapture, and the antichrist.

Hear Dalton Thomas Give 4 Reasons We Don’t Believe in a Pretribulation Rapture

The Bible teaches that all that is wrong will be made right when the Son of Man returns. Justice will be served perfectly by God Himself! Study along with us on Truth For Life as Alistair Begg examines Scripture’s revelations about Christ’s second coming.

Part 2 from Alistair Begg

KJ Soze examines 36 Bible passages that place the timing of the Rapture in relation to the Great Tribulation Period.

What is the Rapture? Christians all agree that Jesus will return to take His church out of this fallen world, but there is disagreement as to how He will do it. Will Jesus secretly take His people out of this world only to return again later for the Resurrection? Dr. Sproul considers this question as he continues the study of The Last Days According to Jesus, with this message entitled “The Rapture.”

The Case for the Post-Tribulation Rapture by Robert Hawes

Post Tribulation Rapture by Pastor Jason Robinson